Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part I

dt dome series

What led Snaptron to develop the DT-Series dome contact with IntelliTac technology?

The DT-Series dual action dome was created in response to a customer inquiry. The customer wanted a switch that, once activated, would stay permanently in the “on” position for the life of the product. They wanted to be able to test this product for electrical functionality without activating the switch permanently (prior to its intended purpose). Hence two different types of electrical functions were required.

Snaptron design engineers created the DT-Series with IntelliTac technology as a result of this inquiry. Ultimately, a different solution was created for this customer, but the distinctive shortened leg of the DT-Series dome and circuit pad design were pursued further.

Market research was conducted prior to proceeding with development. Based on feedback from product designers in the consumer, medical, automotive and other industries, Snaptron decided to pursue the dual action (one dome) concept.

Snaptron patent protected the IntelliTac technology in 2007. The shortened leg makes a temporary contact with light pressure applied. If the user relieves the pressure the electrical contact stops. Conversely, if the user apples additional pressure, the dome “snaps”, making a second electrical contact in the center of the contact pad.

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