Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part II

DT series dome1

What was the development process like, and how long did it take to get the product to market? What challenges did you encounter during that process?

Once the dual action dome concept was created, researched, and tested, the production of the first DT-Series dome took less than 2 months.

The DT-Series are essentially SPST metal domes with a shortened leg that allows a second electrical function. Snaptron currently has 4-leg metal domes sizes 6mm to 20mm, so any of these products can be modified into a DT-Series contact with minimal production time.

DT-Series domes were originally made of stainless steel. Testing conducted resulted in making all DT-Series domes standard with nickel plating. The nickel plating allows the first contact to be accomplished more consistently and reliably with minimal pressure.

Activation forces (the amount of pressure needed to make electrical contact) for both the first and second contacts can also be manipulated for specific customer specifications.

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