Why Snaptron developed the DT-Series dome contact…Part III

Snaptron Dual Trip

How were you able to create a less-complex, longer-lasting, easy-to manufacture component than existing tact switches?

Metal dome contacts are essentially a single piece of stamped stainless steel with optional plating. Tact switches typically include a housing in which a metal dome resides, an enclosure, and often a built in actuator. Therefore manufacturing of tact switches takes a certain amount of assembly to create a finished part. The simplicity of metal domes allows them to be manufactured with short lead times (one week for standard products and four weeks for custom products).

All standard DT-Series domes (6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm) are specified to 5 million cycles. In addition, Snaptron can manufacture relatively high actuation forces. For example, the DT-Series 8mm dome has a total actuation force of 400g while maintaining 5 million cycles. Larger domes can be manufactured with even higher activation forces.

Note – The size of the dome contact is relative to the amount of activation force that can be accomplished without compromising life. In other words, the larger the dome, the higher the force that can be achieved (e.g. 6mm is specified to 180g total force whereas a 20mm achieves 2,250g force).

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